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Board Planner

I really like the simple and flexible project planning method that is used in Extreme Programming where user stories are written on paper cards and put on a board or a big table. It is so easy to get an overview of the project and make adjustments. But the problem with non-computer based tools is that it is tedious to calculate the estimated finishing dates or share the plan with people who are not in the same room.

This is a prototype for a planning tool that combines the agility of the physical board and the powers of computer based tools. User stories are represented as icons on a board. The board itself is divided into iterations. The user stories can easily be moved within the iterations or between iterations. The colour of each user storiy represent the state of completeness to give a quick overview of the project.


Main features from planning with a physical board:
  • Easy to get an overview of the project.
  • Easy to reschedule the project.
  • Work in groups to discuss and change the plan.
Main features from computer based planning tools:
  • Metrics for user stories and tasks resulting in:
    • Estimated completion date
    • Colour coding of user stories
    • Project reports
  • Determine dependencies between user stories.


Please have a look at a demo with the features that are corrently implemented. (Sorry, no screenshots.)

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