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Coding Standard Generator

A Coding Standard for YOU!

Go to Coding Standard Generator.

Coding standards are good. It is important in software projects with more than one member to make sure that source code is easily readable by any member. But it is a boring and little rewarding task to put together a coding standard document, even if there are many examples available on the net. See for example Chris Lott's collections for C and C++.

But here is a saviour. Just click on this link and follow a few instructions and a coding standard document is generated for your project. This is a free service to help the world from wasting valuable time.

The generated coding standard document will contain only purely stylistic rules such as names and indentations, usage of goto etc. Many coding standard documents are littered with useful guidelines on how to avoid common pitfalls. These guidelines are obvious and are better described in various books such as Effective C++ and Effective Java. Such guidelines should be followed in any project and should not need to be mentioned in a coding standard document. Instead, a coding standard document shall describe how things are written in each project, laying the law to avoid time consuming debates on how many columns to indent within a brace block.

Use the generated document as you please. If you want to work more on your document, it is easy to import the document into your word processor.

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