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Friday 13th of July

On Friday evening we took off for a trip to visit friends in Amsterdam. After ten minutes delay we took off and the flight went smoothly. Liam met us and took us to Utrecht, the town there they live. In the evening we had a nice chat with Danielle and Liam.

Saturday 14th of July

Saturday morning we started with a dutch breakfast with cheese and appelstroop. After that we took off to buy Kari a new bike. Liam knew of a good shop so the purchase took not more than five minutes. The shop did not accept Visa cards so we had to chase for more money from an ATM. When we got the money and paid for the bike we went to a market and there we bought cheese and special cookies. We went to another market for fabrics and there Kari found a nice yellow fabric very cheap.

Our walking continued to the railway museum and there we were well entertained every twenty minutes by shows, actors and other events. We spent a lot of time there and also have our lunch. We walked to Holiday Inn for a beer and the bar was on the top of the building. The theme of the bar was railways with a very good view over the central station. They even had a small railroad on the bar. Danielle came after a while and we all went to an Indonesian restaurant. We had a nice meal with many dishes. After that we went home to the flat and after a nice cup of tea we fell asleep.

Sunday 15th of July

Sunday morning nice breakfast again and then we took the train to Den Haag and went to the Gemeentemuseum and spent many hours there, but we had to leave when the museum closed. The main attraction was a collection of Piet Mondriaan. The weather was nice and sunny so we took a nap at the lawn in front of the museum.  We took a promenade in the city and visited the place where Queen Beatrix live (not at home this day). We had a nice pancake meal and Liam had an unusual one with cheese, bacon and chocolate sauce. We took the train back to Utrecht and again we fell a sleep after another good day and a nice cup of tea.

Monday 16th of July

Monday morning after early breakfast we took Karis new bike first with the tram later with the train to the airport. They helped us to check in the bike and us and we stored the luggage and off we went in to the city of Amsterdam. A boat took us throw the canals of Amsterdam port and in the city centre, in a nice sunny weather. We took the circle tram trip to the Van Gogh museum and after that we visited Liam at work. We found a nice park to walk in and then we visited some souvenir shops. Took the tram and train to the airport and safely arrived Dublin, both the bike and us.


This was a nice trip to visit friends, discover three cities and see a little bit of the country from the train. The weather started up badly with rain but then we had two days of sunny weather. Our friends helped us and gave us a very much-appreciated support of everything. A super weekend.

2001 Kari & Sven Rosvall