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Mayo 2000

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Bank holiday in Ireland, August 5th to 8th.

Storyteller Kari Rosvall.

We started this weekend to see Riverdance. The ticket was bought in January and at that time we thought it was a long time to wait. But suddenly it was August 5th. The performance was excellent in my opinion; Sven thought the dancer looked tired.
Sunday morning we started our tour to see Maj and Seamus in their lovely house in west Ireland. Their daughter took us to the bus station in a very good time before departure. That was a good idea because of a train strike which meant that many people had to use the buses instead. The bus tour took four hours and it took us through the Irish landscape. In Ballina we had to change bus to another bus to Bangor. We could see Maj and her friend Peadar waiting for us in the fog. We drove other hour and then we come to their house by the coast in the northwest corner of Mayo. The weather was still foggy but we had a glimpse of the sea. We were offering a nice meal and a good that, we also met one of their neighbours. In the evening we went to the local pub. Most of the guests in the pub spoke Irish, and after a while a famous singer Lillis ó Laoure sang in Irish. I asked him what he was singing about and it was of course a lovesong. Tired but happy we went home and into bed. May and Seamus O'Catháin

Peadar by the sea view.

Monday morning we started with a nice breakfast and then out for new adventure. Maj took us for a walk to the pier; there we meet some fishermen working with their nets. Back to the house for lunch and then in the car for a trip further out on the cliffs, what nice scenery. The weather was good so we had a good view of the cliffs and the sea. We continued our trip to more piers and in one of them we saw fishermen with their lobster and crabs. The church and the pub was also visited and the local shop. I liked the shop, there you could buy milk and nails and everything in between. After all this we were hungry so home to the house for a late but lovely meal. Very happy we went to bed.  [ Click here for pictures ] 

Tuesday up and away because this was the last day of our trip. Maj and Peadar took us to an archaeological digging in Achaidh Chéide, Céide Fields. It was very interesting to hear more about the old Ireland. A quick lunch at a motel and then in a high speed to the bus in Ballina. We come just in time. Again the bus was full of people so the driver went straight ahead. We reached Dublin 15 minutes earlier then schedule. [ Click here for pictures ] 

Conclusion: This was a fantastic trip and our host and hostess were very good to explain and show us their lovely place. So now we have a little more knowledge about our new home country.

2000 Kari & Sven Rosvall